Departments for 2018

There are a million little tasks that go into making a camp a comfortable happy place to be and trying to keep them all straight is a monumental task, if you go it alone. However we have 35 capable, wonderful people to break up that load so no one person will need to take on such a task of keeping every little detail straight. This is where you come in.

We are asking everyone in camp to volunteer for one of the following departments. There will be one person designated as the ‘lead’ of that department who will be responsible for delegating all the applicable tasks involved. A lot of the tasks for each section are things like “make sure someone brings X” and that doesn’t mean the lead or their team is responsible for buying/bringing each item, just for making sure that someone, out of all of us, is bringing it and communicating when they/it plans to arrive.

If you are thinking about being a lead for a team that will also involve being in contact with the camp leads to reduce any overlap and confusion and to minimize the number of emails flying around.

  • Shelter

  • Responsible for the communal camp spaces.

    • • Design, Set-up, Decorate communal camp areas:
      • - Cuddle/nap space
      • - Chill social area (chairs, coffee table, etc)
      • - Dining/eating spot
      • - Kitchen/cooler storage
    • • Responsible for ongoing moop-ing of this area on playa
    • • Make sure there is enough seating around.
    • • Collaborate with power/lighting peeps (before the burn) for light and charging stations.
    • • Have a kitchen staff:
      • - NOT responsible for cooking
      • - Arrange who will bring what communal cookware
      • - Organize and elevate coolers in planned location
      • - Ensure the area stays clean-ish and out of sunlight
  • ART Design/Build/Prep

  • Building the obstacle course and physical needs for camp. This is the bulk of the work and what will get us DGS and Placement next year.

    • • Shedule pre-burn work days in LA region.
    • • Design and build the different rooms of the Maze.
      • - Assign rooms per person/group.
      • - Planning and building the background/shade plan for the maze.
      • - Total
      • - Kitchen/cooler storage
    • • Bike racks fall in this category.
  • Scheduling

  • Organize all the people.

    • • Arrange schedule of maze workers on playa each day.
    • • Arrange and execute occasional MOOP sweeps (maybe every other day or so?).
    • • Help track build day participation and make sure everyone is aware of these events.
    • • Coordinate with Transportation team to organize load/unload teams in LA.
  • Strike

  • My favorite people. Those who stay on playa till every piece of MOOP is cleared. This could be a good job for those not in LA as it is mostly a playa based job.

    • • Organize a strike team for the end of the burn.
    • • Lead the charge on breaking down camp on Sunday.
    • • Make sure everything gets packed in the truck on Monday.
    • • Be the annoying voice to everyone leaving that they must take a bag of trash with them.
    • • Ensure MOOP tools are brought by someone on the Strike Team. (rake, magnet rake, etc)
    • • Have someone appointed LNT Lead who does/organizes moop sweeps during the week.
  • Transportation

  • Organizing, not necessarily driving.

    • • Price out trucks finding the cheapest/most burner friendly.
    • • Set up the rental.
    • • Calculate gas costs, ensure driver has cash from Cost Share fund to cover gas (cash prices for gas are much cheaper)
    • • Organize load/unload/cleaning crews in LA before/after event.
    • • Facilitate any carpools that can/need to happen.
    • • Keep track of all arrival/departure dates
  • Ice Captain

  • Good job for someone outside of LA.

    • • Ensure an ice run is done daily or bi-daily. (Make a schedule?)
    • • Optionally take0in money pre-paid for bags of ice and bring the cash along.
    • • Keep track of who got how many bags if doing the pre-paid thing.
    • • Ensure someone is bringing an ice cart.
  • Power

  • Working with Tim to arrange all power and lighting.

    • • Determine, maintain, and run power plant and related infrastructure.
    • • Determine required wattage/amps/volts for communal lighting and maze equipment.
    • • Provide a central “charging station” for camp members.
    • • Ensure there are enough/long enough power cables for lighting all communal parts of camp (communicate with shelter team for cable lengths and locations).
    • • Responsible for trenching/hanging any cables into the playa and related tools.
    • • Gas – Required containment/transportation/fill/evac/venting/shade/etc.
    • • Coordinate with kitchen for propane quantities/storage/etc.
    • • Lighting for communal/public areas (including maze and frontage).
    • • Build a small shade structure for fuel and related equipment.


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Otherwise feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions, concerns, excitements, secrets, regrets, stories, or anything else you feel like sharing. We love hearing from people.
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