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So you want to join Legends of the Hidden Playa? Here’s questions you might be, or should be asking, and their answers.

TL;DR: We're cool, join us. Take this short survey to introduce yourself.

(Credit to French Quarter for being the model/inspiration for this page. Some text heavily influenced by their page.)

  • What exactly is Legend of the Hidden Playa?

    We are a second year camp that is going through a full revamp. Last year we came as Cuddle or Die and we learned so much in the process that we decided a facelift and total rework of our theme and interactivity would help us better serve the BM community. Our main focus/art piece this year will be a large puzzle maze/obstacle course inspired by the old game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.

  • What sort of people fit in as members?

    We are a reasonably diverse group so far, but there are definitely some similarities. First and foremost, we are a camp of doers. We love BM because it is an opportunity to do and build all the wild things in our imagination. Equally important though, I think would be a willingness to be silly and laugh at dorky things. Our obstacle course will be full of silly BM references and jokes and is intended in many ways to be funny. Be willing to laugh with us. We are also not a luxury camp. There will most likely be a shower, but for the most part we are a group that embodies the belief that BM is an uncomfortable environment and there’s only so much you can reasonably do to change that. Last year we had basically no drama and we would like to keep that tradition going.

  • Where is the camp based?

    Most of our core members are in the LA area, but we have people coming from all over the western US so far. Of course we welcome campmates from all over the world!

  • Where on playa is camp?

    Placement has come through again with a fabulous location at Fribo and 4:15!! (Thank you Placement Team!!) This is the same radial we were at last year and just one street back from our original space.

  • How much is the cost share?

    Cost share this year will be $200/person. Due by August 1st but sooner is better.

  • What for I get for the money?

    If your main concern is what camp does for you, we might not be the right group of people to camp with. There’s a reason we call it a cost share instead of dues. Bringing a camp is expensive. The interactivity (obstacle course) that allows for our placement is expensive. Having a communal shade structure with shaded cooler storage and lounge/nap areas is expensive. Maintaining the generators to power camp and communal lights is expensive. You get the idea. There’s a tooon of things that might go unseen but will make your life more comfortable. All of that said however, of course we want to be a comfortable place to live for everyone involved, too. We are trying to have water delivered on playa, which means you won’t have to truck yours in unless you want to for some reason. We are planning to have a shower. Fingers crossed for it even being heated. There will be a large communal shade structure with community cooking equipment, phone/camera charging, and plenty of relaxation space. All cost share funds are stored separatly. Cost records are kept and controlled by the treasury department and made available for all camp members to see during and after the event. Remaining funds at the end of the event will be used for storage of communal camp infrastructure.

  • Why is your cost share so high, when the dues at my previous were so low?

    Of course it all depends on which specific camps you are comparing, but most camps with low dues are either A) large camps, B) high roller camps, C) dance camps, or D) minimal camps. Large camps can have low dues because if you divide say $10K in expenses by 500 members you get $20 each, as opposed to say dividing $5K in expenses by 25 members for $200 each. High Roller camps can have low dues because one or more of the founders are wealthy enough to blow a ton of money on amenities without needing anyone else to pay them back. Dance camps can have lower dues because the founders are frequently promoters in real life, and have exactly the skills necessary to run highly profitable fundraisers to defer the costs - dance camps are also frequently large camps with many members across which to split the costs. And last but not least, minimal camps - those that make their contribution to the city without giving away thousands of dollars of food or liquor, and without building or decorating huge structures, simply have much lower expenses overall, and hence less to divide up. However, we tend to do very expensive things, with very few members to divide up the cost, none of us are wealthy enough to contribute more than an even share with everyone else, and none of us are professional promoters or terribly good at the kind of fundraising we need to defer costs. Maybe you are and can help with that issue? Also, we haven’t been around for 15 years. There’s some basic infrastructure needs that still need met that a lot of long-standing camps bought a decade ago.

  • Can I contribute my skills instead of paying dues?

    You can definitely contribute your skills, in fact we pretty much expect it, but remember everyone is contributing their skills, and if you don’t pay your share that means someone else is paying double. And no matter how good you are at painting, or building, or sewing whoever has to pay your share is also pretty good at those things.

  • I am REALLY strapped for cash – is this negotiable?

    Believe me when I say, I understand being poor. If you are in the position where you barely had enough to scrape together a low income ticket, some slim jims, and the gas contribution to hitchhike your way up here, but you are willing to pour your heart and soul into camp I'm sure there is a way we can figure something else out. If the finances are your biggest obstacle, please talk to us, we can work something out.

  • What are my responsibilities other than paying dues?

    Each person in camp will need to join a “department” to share the duties for camp. The list can be found here. The whole point of this division of labor is exactly to divide the labor. Hopefully this will work out so that no one has too much work to do but we can all share in the benefits of Communal Effort. Wait isn’t that a principle or something? Also on playa we are asking that everyone work one shift running the obstacle course or otherwise spending a couple hours helping around camp. We can work this out later, but it’ll be pretty minimal. Most of us find the build/prep work to be the super fun part of all this so that’s where a lot of our effort goes.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you at least kinda skimmed this, and it all sounds groovy to you, then fill out the form below so we can learn a bit about you and you’ll be one step closer to joining Legends of the Hidden Playa!! Welcome!

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